SHINE delivers an impressive mileage of 65kmpl,under actual ride conditions, which is the best in its class. This is achieved thru successful incorporation of several cutting edge Honda technologies in OPTIMAX engine.

Such performance is very useful in Top Slow drive condition wherein SHINE gives feeling like an automatic 2 wheeler as it reduces the usage of clutch & allows the rider more comfortable & enjoyable ride even while riding thru slow traffic situation, even more all this without compromising on mileage.
  • Multi Mapping CDI with throttle sensor for proper ignition timing to deliver best balance of mileage & pickup.
  • 4 speed gear set at higher range, deliver high torque in low & mid speed range.
  • Tumble flow combustion chamber for lean air fuel mixture, better fuel efficiency.
  • Roller rocker arm to reduce engine friction.
  • Light weight drive chain reduces revolution friction, delivering better mileage.
  • Aerodynamic body to reduce air drag.
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