Riding Comfort and Stability

From the world of international bikes, Unicorn gets a unique style appeal with mono suspension. A look that is never before seen on Indian motorcycles.

Mono Suspension

Instead of conventional twin shock absorbers in the rear, Unicorn incorporates a single, high performance shock absorber housed centrally below the seat and mounted on a much tougher frame. Advanced technology mono suspension coupled with advanced tough and flexible diamond frame offers superior riding comfort and excellent stability.

Merits of Mono Suspension

There are two merits of introducing mono suspension. Firstly, it decreases friction loss through employing single shocker. As a result mono suspension can move freely, improving tractability on road surface. User can derive the benefit of more comfortable ride feel. Secondly, mono suspension design ensures centralisation of mass. By positioning suspension close to the center of gravity of the machine, turning characteristics, stability during braking and overall riding performance is substantially enhanced.

Mono Suspension

Original technology of mono suspension comes from the world of racing where bikes compete in most extreme conditions. More advanced version of this technology is employed in these bikes. Even the international production models incorporate mono suspension to give statement of style and comfort. Unicorn brings the world advanced technology to India to meet the Indian conditions better than ever before.

Technology of International Biking
Mono Suspension - Enlarged View Mono Suspension - Detailed View