August 17, 2022

The new Senate Panel toward Regulators Activities and House Panel towards Regulators Reform try examples of a beneficial

By prathap kammeta

The new Senate Panel toward Regulators Activities and House Panel towards Regulators Reform try examples of a beneficial

ten. ______ ‘s the specialized name having legislative oversight. a good. Management rulemaking b. Government right c. Adjudication d. Legislative comment

eleven. ______ manage dollar numbers and you can progressive alter every year. amittees towards government operations b. Authorizing committees c. Appropriations committees d. Administrator committees

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thirteen. Executive advantage reach gained popularity from inside the ______ management. a great. Clinton b. Nixon c. George W. Plant d. Ford

14. Congressional teams ______ regarding 1965 so you’re able to 2009. an excellent. twofold b. tripled c. is actually less in half d. existed a comparable

fifteen. This new ______ is actually Congress’s master case having exploring the overall performance off authorities software. good. Family Committee to the Bodies Reform b. Treasury Service c. Senate Committee on the Regulators Products d. GAO

16. Outputs, abilities, customer support, quality, and you may benefit try criteria to have authorities providers according to the a beneficial. Finances and you may Accounting Act. bpetition and you may Employing Act. c. Regulators Abilities and you may Show Work. d. rules of one’s Senate Committee for the Government Products.

17. With respect to the Composition, every following hold true But a great. Congress produces laws. b. Congress produces brand new bureaucracy and you may authorizes software and you will system administrators. c. Congress appropriates financing to have apps when you look at the government bureaucracy. d. Congress faithfully carries out legislation.

21. A great citizen’s risk in confidentiality of personal information should be healthy up against the mans directly to see so they are able take part within the democratic government. a good. True b. Not true

22. The us government Performance and Efficiency Work keeps somewhat changed this new towel of congressional oversight by the demanding one to firms enhance the count and the grade of everything they provide to Congress. good. Real b. False

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sixteen. An element of the elements of bureaucratic obligation was a. federalism and you will moral conclusion. b. regulators of the proxy and you will break up away from energies. c. legislative feedback and you can bodies by proxy. d. accountability and you may moral decisions.

sixteen. The newest Western regulators is amongst the _______ of industrialized regions worldwide. A smallest b. biggest c. most effective d. weakest

fifteen. Recent government spending try a good. pass on across of several categories. B centered one of several categories. c. primarily allocated to foreign aid and you will shelter. d. worried about new head beginning from characteristics.

1. Most of the following are part of all round administrative puzzles you to definitely Western bodies spends to eliminate the brand new dilemmas caused by coordination Except an excellent. interagency argument. b. representativeness. c. interagency dexterity. d. part away from personnel in supporting and controlling doing work activities.

1. New current methods to personal management change question this new bureaucratic orthodoxy according to an effective. downsizing. b. power and you can steps. c. continuing update. d. reengineering.

3. ______ can occur whenever authorities enterprises just be sure to search highest categories to possess existing ranking. a good. Degrees creep b. Reductions in force c. Buyout d.

cuatro. Considering Terry Moe there is good mismatch between the public’s _____and you will ________which results in more governmental visits. a good. expectations of a founder; the minimal information readily available b. focus on government; versatile departments c. determination that have politics; nonprofit pros d. sight to possess government; state-height staffers

step 3. Rourke, public service to possess an agency’s choice usually comes from a few different supplies; a keen agency’s ______ and you may ________. a good. mass societal; attentive publics b. values; recommendations c. constituents; funds d. politics; voting take off

step 3. The fresh Congressional Funds Work environment estimates that anywhere between 2009 and you will 2020 new federal personal debt owned by the public since a share of your total economy usually a beneficial. improve. b. e. d. end up being unimportant.

5. The us government risks compromising handle, responsiveness, and regularly quality when it relies on ______ getting program execution. a beneficial. backward mapping b. whistle-blowers c. proxies d. congressional employees

8. Regulatory government revolves doing the after the main viewpoints Except a good. voice decisions. b. procedural equity. c. costs decrease. d. policy completion.

9. ______ try for the bodies agencies’ security away from private information such as for instance individuals’ taxation statements. a good. Management privacy b. Legislative opinion c. Performance-oriented advice d. Administrator privilege