November 23, 2020


By Planet Honda Digital Marketing

Honda two wheelers

Two-wheelers form an integral part of Indian roads. There’s plenty of reasons for buying a two-wheeler for Indian customers ranging from affordability to passion to style statement.

Every Indian knows the joy of owning a two wheeler, but does everyone know the importance of getting their two wheeler serviced regularly?

Two wheeler servicing is somewhat analogous to a general health checkup of a human being, It is very important to keep your vehicle in good condition to ride and keep you safe, and also maintain the longevity of your vehicle.

Servicing your two wheeler should be done on a regular basis. Any delay in servicing will result in the degradation of the quality of your vehicle parts.  

Getting your two wheeler serviced regularly will not only prolong its life, but it’ll also allow you to get the best performance from it.

In general, a two wheeler servicing covers many things such as normal checkup of the vehicle, engine functions, air filters, greasing, or lubrication, So that your vehicle is well maintained and can help you to run your vehicle smoothly for a longer period.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of getting your two wheeler serviced.

Regular service

  • Less Frequent Breakdowns – If you do your vehicle serviced regularly, the chances of sudden breakdowns and part failures reduce drastically. You can ride your two wheeler peacefully without any fear of breakdowns.
  • Safety – Regularly servicing your two wheeler is equally important as wearing a helmet on your every ride. A poorly maintained vehicle can result in mechanical failures leading to accidents. A well-serviced vehicle  ensures that you have a safe and trouble-free riding experience
  • Better fuel efficiency – Servicing your two wheeler involves changing air filters, fuel filters, and oil once which is the best way to increase your  fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption thus leading to less money on fuel.
  • Increase in lifespan –  A two wheeler service involves lubricating engine & other parts, Checking or replacing engine oil, checking or replacing air filters, which makes them function normally and reduces unnecessary stress. These are very crucial in enhancing the lifespan of your two wheeler. When the parts of the two wheelers are maintained well, they wear out at a slower rate which results in extended life.
  • Better Resale Value –  A two wheeler that is in a good shape can attract a better resale value. You can expect a very good deal from a buyer if your vehicle has been serviced & maintained very well over the years.

So now we know how important servicing your two wheeler is. In fact, getting your two wheeler serviced at the right place is a crucial aspect.

A few two  wheeler users take their vehicle to the local garage due to faster delivery and proximity which is not a good idea.

When you take your two wheeler to a local garage, you never know if they are using genuine parts. Most of the local garages use low-quality parts which can affect the performance and lifespan in a negative way.

On the other hand, An authorized service center has well qualified and well-trained technicians who know which part has to be repaired or changed at what time. They have proper machines and equipments and they also use genuine parts which are very crucial for the life of your vehicle.

It is highly advisable that you take your two wheeler to authorized service center only. 

Servicing your Honda two wheeler

Planet Honda service centers are equipped with modern facilities and automated tools to render quick and quality service. We have HMSI trained technicians to ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands.

At Planet Honda service center, we have come up with a unique service program called “Honda Shield” to help our customers with their service needs.

Features of this program :

  • Major parts covered at a minimum cost.
  • Reliable and genuine Honda parts.
  • Across India Validity.
  • Service by expert Honda technicians.
  • Transferable if the vehicle changes hands
  • Annual maintenance contract
  • Roadside assistance
  • Engine health insurance

Benefits of this program include 

  • Fast and efficient quality replacement for 5 long years.
  • Cost-saving as major replacements included in the warranty
  • Enhances the resale value of your two-wheeler
  • Peace of mind as applicable anywhere in India
  • Highest service standards followed.

For more information, please visit or contact 080-6889-8888